Troika tells gov’t to show commitment for the embargo to be lifted

By John Agok

The Troika countries, the United States, United Kingdom, and Norway, are calling upon the Transitional government to demonstrate commitment in implementing fully the R-ARCISS, which was a yardstick to collectively convince the UN Security Councils and partners to lift imposed arm embargo against the Country.

The three diplomats said this at a joint press Conference in Juba over the weekend, alluding their statement to country‘s tenth independence anniversary.

 They revealed that, South Sudan was suffering from food deficit and arm surplus, insinuating at so many arms presence in the hands of civilians. They urged signatories in the R-ARCISS to accept accountability to their commitments and go much further and faster.

Although the diplomats vowed to work with government and support the country in humanitarian assistance and building on youth engagement. They said that, they would not support the lifting of arm embargo, calling it a mere unanimous decision by UN Security Council that left the government with sole responsibility to meet the outlined benchmarks.

Bob Fairweather the UK envoy to Sudan and South Sudan emphasized on the importance of youth engagement in building the society.

“Lack of economic measures that create opportunities for youth led to the breakdown of social fabric and on this regards we want to support the youth in building a peaceful Country”, he said.

Fairweather hinted that political manipulation toward youth disintegrated them a lot instead of molding them for better future.

“Youth should be molded for a better future but not being manipulated by politicians to fight their war”, he underscored.

 Larry E. Andre US diplomat admitted that, they were supporting South Sudan youth through scholarship program and other building projects.

“The US is still giving chance to South Sudanese young people to benefits from YALI scholarship program, which was an initiative from Obama administration and other youth building projects”, he stated.

Norway Envoy criticized some organized youth body whose behaviours were contrary and sometimes deemed to be criminal and like gang groups.

“Some organized groups sometimes behave like gangs and this can polarized youth set up for Peacebuilding in the Country”, he noted.  

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