Troika, SPLM IG discuss the sticky chapter of R-ARCSS

Bol Makueng, SPLM Secretary for External relation

By Ochan David

The Representatives from the troika countries yesterday held a closed-door meeting with the SPLM IG interim SG Peter Lam to discuss the sticky chapter impeding the implementation of peace agreements.

The meeting also discussed the need to embrace dialogue as the only way to find means to implement the sticky provision in the agreement and to certainly avoid a return to war.

Addressing the journalists, the SPLM secretary for foreign affairs BolMakueng believed in the importance of troika countries toward progress in South Sudan.

 “The troika Countries comprising of the USA, Britain, and the Norwegian people have endlessly provided support to South Sudan since the period of the liberation struggle. Despite the sanction on the purchase of arms, the government may graduate the forces in the training camps.

Meanwhile, the secretary for political affairs KuolAtemBolcalledon the people of South Sudan to live in peace, advising the youths not to spread rumors that arebeing perpetuated through social media.

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