Triplets’ family to receive SSP1.4m financial support

By Elia Joseph Loful

The family of triplets’ children in Cueibet, Lakes State has received financial support worth SSP 1.4m from Trinity Energy Company on Wednesday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview in Cueibet, the Sale and Marketing Manager of Trinity Energy, Stimah Zamzam said the funds was a free will from the company and would be used to cater for needs of the triplets and the family.

Ms. Zamzam added that the Company would pay the money on monthly basis starting next month and a full medical insurance cover for a period of 4 years.

 “On behalf of Trinity Energy and our chairperson Akol Emmanuel Ayii Akol, I congratulate the family on the arrival of their adorable triplets.

Trinity Energy showers the family with rainbow of love and joy for the triplets received. We will give a financial support worth SSP 1.5m and a full medical cover for the family,”Zamzam explained.

Dhiem Manyuon Credit Controller said he would advise the triplets’ children family to use the funds wisely to meet needs of the kids.

“My advice mainly goes to the triplets’ family in Cueibet, the financial support which Trinity has committed to give to the family which is worth SSP1.5 m will be given to the family monthly for the next four years,” Manyuon stated.

He said the company would ensure that the funds were scaled to ensure continuity for the specified durations. 

Agok Magot, the 20 year old mother of the triplets said she relies on her husband Mayom Ruop Ayol to support the three kids.

She expressed her happiness to Trinity Energy for the Samaritan support they extended to her family.

“My challenge is I worry on how these kids are going to grow up for the next four years. But since you people have come to help me, I think these children will now grow well,” Mother Magot said.

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