Trinity Public Transport Companystartsits operation in Bor

By Jacob Bol Mayar

A regional public transportation company known as Trinity Company has started its operations in Bor for the first time.

Over the weekend, the company would carry passengers from Bor to Juba at 4,500ssp, Bor to Kampala Uganda at 35,000ssp, and Bor to Nairobi Kenya 45,000ssp respectively.

Robert Twahirwa, the Managing Director of Trinity said his company has been operating in South Sudan since the year 2018 and the aim of the company is to increase the capacity building of the people of the particular place.

“The transport industry in South Sudan is not very healthy because the companies are overcharging the customers and we are providing the VIP Bus with two by two-seat bus which is so relaxing with less charging customers and the customers will be travelling from Bor to Juba are charged with 4000 – 4,500 SSP,” said Twahirwa.    

He added that Trinity came to Bor to improve the transportation system through comfortable and affordable service they would deliver to their passengers. He called on other transportation companies operating in Bor to work hand in hand in order to achieve their desires.

He stressed that the coming of international investors to other parts of South Sudan like Bor is a sign of peace even though there are still some small issues that could easily be thought out. Trinity transporter company bus station is at Panda market.

Meanwhile, Samuel AtenyPach, Director of Economics in Bor Municipal Council said the coming in of the new transportation company would enhance transportation, especially for those travelling to East African countries.

He added that Bor municipal councils have approved the Trinity Company are operating license in order to run the transportation company to strengthen the transports service in Bor and Juba and the company would operate at Panda Market.

At the same time, LualBuolNyok, a passenger going to Juba from Bor said the transport fare has been reduced by then travelling to Juba with 3,500 SSP and seats were at 4,500 SSP while other at 5,000 SSP and trinity is going to change the transportation service in Bor.

Trinity is currently operating in most East African countries which including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

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