Trinity Energy’s special Independence recognition

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The leading oil company in the country, Trinity Energy Limited came up with special Independence Day recognition to a number of people who had excelled in different professional backgrounds in the country.

Last week during celebration of tenth Independence anniversary, Trinity recognized in their listProfTaban Lo-Liyongas a South Sudanese figure in poetry and literature.  Lo-Liyong is known for his unique style of writing and storytelling. His work includesFrantzFanons uneven Ribs. The Cows of Shambat and the just released after Troy being the first launch for Lo-Liyong within the country just to mention few of his African and international work. Prof Lo-Liyong is teaching literature at the University of Juba in recent years. As an academic, cultural and Art of poetry figure. He constantly shares his wisdom and expertisewith the general public particular the youth. Bridging a generational gap between the youth and their roots. Up and coming poet and author Mandela Ade Matur concurs that Taban Lo-Liyong is a poetic role model to the entire literacy community of south Sudan and African.

James OlihaItaita, viral south Sudanese youth boy selling products while adoring young school students went viral early in 2020 causing an emotional rollercoaster on social media a massive search to identify the younger. James Lolo grew up in an unfortunate situation where life had not been kind to him. James Lolo is currently continuing his elementary schooling in Nairobi under the supervision of the Tech transformation and community building specialist who also photographed and posted the viral photo.

Nelson Kwaje,is a South Sudanese entrepreneur technology advocate with more than seven years of experience in ICT and digital right advocacy. Having worked on projects in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and mostly South Sudan.From early 2020 Nelson work on 211 check has been instrumental in combating hate speech and misinformation relating to covid-19. Nelson believe that the youth are the main pillars of transformation in South Sudan.

Caroline Atim, the founder South Sudan Women with Disability Network which assists the disabled in finding jobs returning to school and receiving counseling.

Amy Lasu, South Sudan national Women’s Football Captain discover her talent for football when she was seven years old in Kenya. Amy nurtured her talent and created a career in football through the years.

Deng ForbezAtem, Trains and assists young people in discovering their artistic talents through painting and drawing. He believe that art has the potential to restore empathy give children the opportunity to be creative and encourage creative problem solving. Deng is Artist and Founder Art by Deng is visual artist poet and humanitarian

Earlier Trinity Energy Limited Celebrate 10 heroes to Mark South Sudan’s Tenth Independence like other corporates who chose to celebrate through fanfare and lavish branding, Trinity Energy went in a different direction.

Last week, Trinity asked South Sudanese on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to nominate trailblazing individuals in their respective fields. Categories included humanitarian and private sectors, activism, athletes, and digital champions.

In a special edition dubbed “Heroes Magazine”, the nominees were announced on Independence Day and included ten top South Sudanese who were inspiring and taking paths which had never been tried before. They include former NBA superstar Luol Deng, AlamChaat, the head of diversified sector at Stanbic Bank South Sudan.

Speaking on the unveiling of the Magazine, Trinity Energy Founder and Chairman, Akol Ayii, said that, “I am particularly excited about this tenth anniversary as we celebrate “10HeroesAt10.”

He added that “This is a new opportunity to celebrate South Sudanese both young and old who are pushing the boundaries in their field.  Industry champions, athletes, gender activists, artists among many others.”

Trinity Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Robert Mdeza in his forwards said that “I read with admiration their stories and I cannot help but cheer them on. We hope that this recognition will inspire them to continue doing what they do best while lifting up fellow countrymen and women.”

Marking ten heroes at ten years of Independence is surely a perfect way to celebrate how far the country had come in thethrough men and women who have hard to craft new paths out of nothing. It is also a perfect way to re-imagine the next ten years of South Sudan.

The ten heroes were hopeful about the next ten years of South Sudan with AlamChaat noting, “My South Sudan in ten years will be a viable investment destination attracting international investors, partnering with multilateral, private sector, and other sovereign states. There will be sufficient policy and regulatory framework to promote a competitive private sector.”

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