Trinity Energy to end thirst of electricity through Wau Power plant

By Ngor Khot Garang

Instead of electricity, and a lack of it, the rural population relies on scarce firewood, which adds to already extensive deforestation, or expensive kerosene lamps, which cause indoor pollution and also, as it has been known worldwide as one of the leading causes of climate change.

South Sudan’s extreme energy poverty can in part be explained by the long conflict that ravaged the country, which put a halt to all investments in the country and destroyed much of the existing infrastructure, keeping most of the investors away. More than just a question of generalized energy poverty, there is also a question of energy inequity: there is a big divide between the urban and rural areas here. Juba, the capital city, consumes almost 90 percent of all electricity generated, leaving the rural population to rely on solid fuels. 45 of the population in rural areas enjoys electric lighting, mostly solar-powered compared to 1.4 percent just outside the city limits. As new grid connections are primarily made in urban areas, rural grid access might take a great deal of time if nothing is done by the government.

Efforts to address the main challenges affecting the majority of people in this country, such as limited learning opportunities and lack of employment opportunities for the younger population could all be accelerated if energy was available even in rural areas. You see, energy gives people the opportunity to see their future clearly and what they have to do to get there.

Electricity plays a great deal in the development of a country like South Sudan. The provision of electricity to schools will help improve the learning environment for pupils, and the provision of safe, affordable energy solutions at the household level will increase safety and security in households, as well as additional studying time for children. The rural population and its children should not wait for the next 30 years to have access to electricity. Emperor of Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the man who has turned Dubai into a heaven on earth in a short span of time, when he was asked why he was so serious in the development of Dubai, he said he wanted his people to have a better life now and not tomorrow.

You see, you cannot promise your people tomorrow because tomorrow is an illusion. It may never come. Today is the best day to do something for your country. This is why Trinity Energy put on the big shoe to provide energy for the people of South Sudan.

Apart from being one of the leading oil and Gas companies, Trinity is also a citizen-friendly company that puts the citizen first before its personal interest. The WauPower Plant is one of the silent programs initiated by Trinity Energy in 2019 to supply Wau with electricity or to put it this way, thousands of households will benefit from the program and a hundred more will secure jobs. This project is not a zero-sum game where the company, Trinity Energy will lose while the citizens gain. It is a business and in this case, the company must also keep its cards on its chest but the company had it, and it was humanly that the people comes first before the profit.

The analogy of this narrative is that the citizens must first be served with electricity, then pay when the service is done. The journey, however, with the current economic situation, has been very hysterical but Trinity has kept its clients, South Sudanese in her heart. This time, there is no going back from what has already been started.

The program will change the lives of the people in those areas and boost also the economy of the country which is currently low. Reliable and widespread access to electricity improves the quality of basic services including health, education, and security services. Additionally, there will be a reduction in carbon emissions. Hopefully, with help from other well-wishers, more South Sudanese will escape the cycle of poverty.

The country needs to be electrified and if there is a need as it has always been, people need to be given the kind of life they deserve now, not tomorrow. Look at Wau, one of the second-largest cities has been in darkness without access to electricity. The future of our country lies in our hands and the earlier we begin to self-flagellate, the better. I cannot say that Trinity has put on very big shoes, of course. This is their role, South Sudan’s solution to South Sudan’s problems by South Sudanese and for South Sudanese. 

But how did Trinity start? Trinity Energy promotes sustainable development in our communities. The commitment is deeply embedded in their goal to extend to the foundation of the business. Trinity Energy has adopted a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and recognizes its obligation to expand access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy.

Since its birth, it has remained firm despite all the challenges that came on its way.  The firm has learned earlier to play its cards well and not to leave anybody behind. The goal is to serve South Sudan and to rise together with those who need a helping hand on the way. Trinity has supported university students by paying their tuition which has been a journey of self-discovery.

To be successful in anything, one has to put people’s interests above his own and this has been the nature of Trinity Energy. If all the citizens were given chance to express how helpful the firm has been to them, nobody will blame the fact that Trinity has been one of the standing indigenous companies in the country. As a matter of fact, Trinity Energy managed to rescue the fuel crisis in the country by putting the interest of citizens above the business interest. This is because they are local and they are here to stay.

Amidst all the odds that stood in the way, they managed to provide durable solutions for stabilizing sustainability in fuel supply in the country by building the biggest reserved depot in Nesitu. You cannot do something great tomorrow for your people because tomorrow may never come. If there is something you feel you can contribute to the people, do it now because tomorrow is chasing a mirage. Trinity puts their clients at the front seat for the smooth continuity of its services irrespective of what situation.

Trinity Energy proudly invests in sustainable and renewable energy infrastructure and environmentally responsible product offerings. In line with this commitment to sustainable development, Trinity Energy will soon launch an initiative to limit the human, ecological, and developmental effects resulting from the use of unsustainable cooking fuels. Using charcoal and firewood contributes to deforestation and is a significant cause of respiratory illness and eye diseases. As part of this effort, Trinity Energy will introduce affordable commercial and domestic liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”) products as a more sustainable alternative to charcoal and firewood. Through these and other efforts, they reinforce their commitment to sustainable development in South Sudan

As corporate leaders in the nation, they communicate to public and private stakeholders the business value of sustainability and accountability. As a matter of fact, they are proud to set a new standard for good corporate governance practices in the country. They firmly believe that a vibrant and well-governed private sector will drive sustainable growth and prosperity. They also attribute their success to its vision for a more prosperous South Sudan, the dedication to transparency, and a corporate culture that rewards ethical conduct.

The commitment to corporate and social accountability has driven them to reinvest in the nation’s developing infrastructure and strengthen vendor and supply chain relationships. Investing in the community, employees, and infrastructure has allowed the company to offer products and services that exceed customer’s expectations.

Trinity Energy believes business ethics are a core enabler of sustainable development. Through their commitment to these ethics, they strive to pave a meaningful pathway towards a more prosperous, sustainable, and equitable future for our communities. Enterprise Services and products Trinity Energy arranges nationwide fuel delivery for clients, even in high-risk or austere environments. Nationwide Delivery Trinity Energy products are tested and upstream providers offer industry-leading quality and consistency. Quality Product Trinity Energy protects its clients from volatility giving our clients energy security and peace of mind. Resilient Operations Fuel Delivery Trinity Energy provides both diesel and petrol to stationary installations, infrastructure, and diesel generator sites. Based on client needs, they can tailor logistics and supply chains to ensure the delivery of fuel products to remote, challenging, or high-threat locations. The fuel storage allows them to deliver an uninterrupted supply of bulk fuel to the customers.

In 2019, Trinity Energy provided over 40 percent of South Sudan’s energy demand. More than half of the nation’s fuel retailers rely on Trinity Energy’s reliable supply chain to meet their clients’ needs. The company owns 6 million litres of fuel storage at the depot in Nesitu, which includes an additional two million litres of storage currently under development. This development makes Trinity Energy the Nation’s largest fuel storage and logistics provider.

Trinity Energy assures clients of a consistent and reliable fuel supply. Trinity Energy plays a critical role in assuring the security of petroleum supply for the country. They are proud to have Africa’s largest trade financial partner. Together, they support their customers and secure South Sudan’s petroleum supply. Through their relationship with global and regional petroleum trading companies, their upstream supply of fuel products is unparalleled. With offices in South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates, they hold a global footprint that allows them to structure bespoke solutions for customers. These factors combine to ensure clients enjoy versatile service, quality products, and a secure supply of vital fuel products.

At Trinity Energy they support clients with reliable access to high-quality fuel products. The depot in Nesitu safeguards clients from exposure to changing market conditions. With one of the few fuel testing labs in South Sudan, clients are confident their fuel is safe and compliant with accepted standards. Trinity Energy’s experience allows them to offer an uninterrupted supply of fuel and lubricants. This is the more reason(s) that the Wau power project will surely succeed.

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