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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

It is often said that a King is never sang in his own home’ just as the other saying goes that “don’t kill the goose that lay eggs” The two above are symbolic with what a number of people detest of their own brothers and sisters who may be doing better than them but whose services are not confined but extended for service to humanity. I am one person who was so happy that our own indigenous company, Trinity Energy has topped the 2021 continental energy award at a fete being held in Cape Town South Africa. Trinity came in line with Canadian based firm Recon Africa among the best energy companies awarded in the African Week for best performance in the sector for 2021. At  home Trinity has stood ground to beat the odds even when the goings  are bad to sustain service delivery to the public at times when others took the advantage of the general public. They have maintained their employees most who are locals in every situation. What makes it tick is the secret that the management simply say is based on honesty and trust. More so an open door policy where everyone’s views are welcomed and discussed for the success and development of the firm. It looks simple but that is the secret. The firm’s growth has not been rosy. There have been competition and sidekicks, at times innuendoes and malicious finer pointing, all in the name of out-doing or cut-throat in the business world. If only we would learn how to support and nurture our own considering the service it rendered to the public and the employment opportunity to the youth, then we could be singing our own in our backyards. We could also not dare or even think of killing the goose that lay the eggs. Instead we could give Trinity a shoulder to lean on when and if they want to improve their services which end up being beneficial to the common-man. Like an athlete, a foot baller and any person in one of the many sports discipline. Trinity, remained in the private sector promoting and boosting the country’s economy in all front of development. Just a year ago it scooped the international ISO90012015 award which brought it face-facts with the local and international community. This is far from their participation in supplementing health services, particularly, having been recognized health players in their role of the coronavirus pandemic, building and upgrading schools, even leading the citizens in modern food production among others. Recently, they brought in the country free medical treatment with the best eye doctors from the USA which treated patients free of charge at the Juba Teaching Hospital a, a talk which remained in the lips of so many old and young people. It is said that all human beings have their other dark-side, but when the good side surpasses the other it should be what people must talk about. We cannot live in the past forever like others would want us to believe. It is time we shun mediocre and live a true life of developed mind and positive action where success is.

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