A foot for thought

Trinity Energy organized gathering for media houses

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

On Saturday 21st of this month, Trinity Energy Company organized get together ceremony for media houses in Juba to refresh their minds in routine work in the offices. It was a simple gathering but important for journalists to interact with each other as colleagues with common goals. Since Trinity Energy came in the market, there has not been a shortage of fuel. It sells fuel with lowest price compared to other petroleum Companies in the country.

The Management of Trinity Energy Company has other activities and its branches in South Sudan and other countries in Africa. In South Sudan there are m-Gurush making transfer of money, if you are one of the clients they can pay you money through m-Gurush system where their staff would show you how to transfer money or receive from them.

There is also mobile transfer by using Zain line which promoted the company to become known for mobile money transfer, with any amount you like. If you are not used to the system, it looks difficult but in the process of practicing it, you would get it easy. It saves time and clients get money in safer way through the system. They also have link pay among others, all those Companies rendering services to the people of South Sudan in Juba. I don’t know with Coronavirus whether they supplied services to the states.

We need to learn new technology if it is rendering good services to the people of South Sudan. Not only that but there is Rak Media, that belongs to the same group,  it has a lot of activities, one of them is producing facemasks  donated to the government institutions, like Ministry of Health during the time Coronavirus broke up in the country.

Some staff running these companies are foreigners and South Sudanese in all the companies around Juba City.

We need Companies or investors in the country to give employment to the citizens in the country. There are positions South Sudanese could benefit from. I was happy to interact with some staff who are working with them and doing well in the field of business. Through the work they are doing would learn how to run business of their own.

May God bless us all.

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