Trinity Energy Increasing Storage Capacity to Improve Strategic fuel reserves


Trinity Energy has announced that it is moving ahead with its plans to increase fuel storage capacity in South Sudan to over 75 million litres. This comes after the company began constructing a new two-million litre storage tank in its Nesitu Depot that is nearing completion. Additionally, the company is planning for an extra two million litres of dedicated petrol storage that will bring the total storage capacity in Nesitu to 7.5 million litres.

Mr. Robert Mdeza, the Chief Executive Officer at Trinity Energy Ltd said that “This is a great milestone not only for the company but for South Sudan in general. This is a reflection of our confidence in the economic growth of the country and our role in promoting socio-economic transformation.”

The new two million litre facility will enhance the country’s strategic reserves thereby ensuring energy security which is a key ingredient of any kind of economic activity.

Trinity Energy’s installed capacity of 75 million litres in South Sudan will undermine its role as the market leader and fair player in continuing to offer the most affordable prices to consumers.

“Moving ahead our focus is to complete this new project  urgently while also keeping tabs on our other ongoing projects including the 10-million litre storage facility in Wau as well as the planned 10 million litre storage in Malakal.

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