TRINITY Energy donates USD 420,000 to curb coronavirus

By Nema Juma

Trinity Energy limited has donated coronavirus preventive materials worth 420.000 dollars to the National Taskforce Committee on Coronavirus.

Among the materials were ventilators that cost 67,000 dollars, testing kits cost 300,000 dollars plus, facemasks and gloves cost over 3000 as well as the company staff also contributed 19,800 dollar for the last three months.

Addressing journalists during the donation at Juba Blood Bank yesterday, The Chief Executive Officer   for Trinity Energy Limited Robert Eric Mdeza said that this was the second time the Trinity energy is donating to that center and two months ago they had promised to bring the big ventilators and the testing kits that do not take more than two hours to bring out the results.

“We gave the generator to the center that they are using and we had promised to give something small as support in dollars to sixty six people at the center so that they can get motivated to buy soap and also to get something for transport,” Mdeza said.

He stated that they have stated fueling the vehicles for the key staff within the center including the land cruiser that run around following the cases.

We are committed local South Sudanese Company owned by South Sudanese for the people of South Sudan and when there is a call like this, we come running, we promise to stand with you at this pandemic time of COVID-19 to make sure that life of the people at the center is better, for sure Trinity Energy promise to be with you, Mdeza lamented.

Meanwhile the Incident Manager for COVID-19 Dr. Richard Laku, appreciated Trinity Energy for everything they have been donating to them, adding that the Trinity Energy has been with them from day one up to now to motivate their health workers.

“We appreciate having received this ventilator, the testing kits gloves and all those things that could be used in the lab,” Dr. Richard said.

Richard said that they are so grateful and this has given them more confidence to support their workers and the patients in the center.

He called on all the companies in South Sudan to see what Trinity Energy has done, and this is “what we call social responsibility and we call on all the companies to support, this is a very difficult moment and we always feel proud when we see all of you standing behind us,” Richard said.

However Dr. Richard added that South Sudan has a total of 2068 patients so far, 40 deaths 840 recoveries and there are still 500 contacts to follow.

“In the Infectious Disease Unity (IDU), we have only four cases of patients yesterday and they are all stable and there is no critical case at the moment,” Dr. Richard said.

South Sudan has seen a drastic rise in the number of recoveries in the past weeks. At least 840 have been reported in the country ever since the outbreak of the virus.      

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