Trinity Energy commits over SSP 5M to quadruplet’s family in Rumbek

By Elia Joseph Loful

Trinity Energy Company has committed over SSP 5million for the construction of a modern house for the quadruplet’s family born in Rumbek, Lakes State.

Last month, Elizabeth Ajock Dut 26 year old gave birth to 2 boys and two girls at Rumbek State Hospital.  Ajock praised the people who have willingly supported her both financially and materially to cater for the needs of her children.

“I am happy about the issue of these children of mine, with everyone who has come and assisted me and my children. I am happy with everyone in South Sudan and I thank God and ask him to give us life so that when these children grow I will also tell them to do good to others as they did to me,”Ajock expressed. 

Barnaba Mapuor, Ajock’s husband said, he is a regular soldier who only earns SSP 1,200 per month, which sometimes takes months to receive.  Mapuor however, thanked Trinity Energy for their generosity and all the well-wishers who have supported him to meet the demands of his four kids.

“I can say it is all South Sudanese who have helped me, and even our big man President Kiir did a great thing indeed. When he heard this message about these children of mine, he gave me SSP 2m to support my children,” Mapuor said.

He said many people have stood with him and he could not fail to thank them for their efforts.

“What I can tell those people who have helped me, is congratulations for what they have done, an organization also here has come to build a house for my children and the whole of South Sudan has come to help me those who gave soaps, sugar, money, I thank all of them for what they have done, may God bless them all,” he praised.

Mapuor said he would use the funds donated to him to open business in order to sustain the lives of his children saying he could not use it to buy cows because he fears thieves may steal them.

“What I will do with these money is to feed these children and push them forward, cows here in South Sudan is a big problem If I buy cows it will create a problem I now fear thieves may come and steal them, but it is better to use these money to open business and keep the money,” Mapuor reiterated.

Stima Zamzam, Trinity Energy Sales and Marketing Manager said apart from constructing the house for the family the company offered SSP 100,000 meant for basic needs, and a free medical insurance cover for a period of 3 years.

“On behalf of Trinity Energy and behalf of our Chairperson Akol Emmanuel Ayii Akol, I would like to congratulate the quadruplet’s family for the kids they have. Trinity Energy strives to support the family by funding and constructing a house worth SSP 5m to serve the family.

The birth of the quadruplets moved several well-wishers to raise over SSP 700,000 including SSP 2m given out by President Kiir to the family last month.

 “The core motivation is to see this family that is extremely blessed by God to be healthy, and our main intention as a company is to give back to the community. We will build a home for this amazing family so that when they are released from the hospital, they have where to stay,” Manyuon said.

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