Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo.

It was and still un-believable that they are gone and gone forever. They went almost the same time but in different circumstances of one another. It pains to know that you two are gone and will never be with us in this world again but will remain with your creator the almighty for ever and ever amen. How sad it is but to those who have remained behind, we must be strong to face the day and face the reality of life that we have lost dear relatives and friends. Phares Odhiambo (Odhis) Atito is the son of Zablon Atito Odoyo, my elder brother. He died at the Kenyatta National Hospital after a grisly hit and run road accident in Nairobi. Godfery Okaya in Juba, South Sudan. Coincidentally, the two will be buried on the same date 21st Sept 2019 in their respective home villages, locations and counties. They have gone and true will never be with us. At this time of sorry and mourning l need not to say much because Odhis wuod omera was a young man and a friend who never new or called me by my name. He always referred to me only and every time as uncle. We are with the Odoyo family right now at the time of mourning. The sad news of Okaya’s suddent demise was broken to me by a colleague who was with him at the sad moment Anthony Orege. First l thought as always that he was pulling a big one on me until l heard his inner voice shouting “ Yaba listen. Okaya is no more” l could not believe at first but it sunk slowly and l realized that we are all travellers to other destinations in this world and going by Jim Reeves song that “this world is not my home l am just passing through” indeed it is not our home and we are all passing through. I am is a sad mood and moment but l also take this chance to thank God for their lives well lived, though short. The response from friends after their death although they did not know one another and lived a part, indicates their love for their friends. Normally we praise the dead instead of thanking God for having brought us together and to know that we are all gonna go. Surely there are no words to describe the passing on but there is one lesson to learn. Love one another leave beyond pettiness and make maximum but positive use that God has given you in this world. For Odhis and Okaya, fare thee well until we meet in the heavenly being.

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