Tribute to Martyrs

By Michael Ngor Atem

In the South Sudan context, martyrs are those people who died during the rebellion for the liberation of South Sudanese from North Sudan. They liberated this country for us and they suffered in the bush desperately for years just for our sake.

They sacrificed themselves for what they would not be to enjoy but their children who are us today would taste the fruit of freedom. They fought for what they didn’t know whether it would be an existing nation or not but they believed till it became to reality.

They fought for the independence of South Sudan. They stayed homelessly for enormous number of years and were affected by wild animals, mosquitoes bite them and got disease but despite all these challenges, they didn’t give up. They didn’t give up to return back to their homes. They faced those difficulties for the sake of others to enjoy.

We thought what you died for was to liberate us but were have gone back to fighting and killing ourselves for useless reasons. We are not supposed to kill ourselves anyhow like bush animals.

If the 21 years’ struggle war was for liberty then what are we still fighting for again? Are we fighting for self-interests? If not, then why we are not tired of fighting, so as to forgive each other and go back to our unity roots.

Some people think there fighting is because of power which but which power are we still struggling after we have eradicated our power from Sudan government that is why we are called South Sudanese.

Let us not be blamed by martyrs, if martyrs could now see how we betrayed them that now how would they feel?  I believe they would regret their action for have participated in the liberation war because we have betrayed them.

All these are minor problems within ourselves which are caused by desire for interest satisfaction. If we don’t adjust our issues, then we shall fail this country. I think without our involvement, nothing would bring changes.

After celebrating the martyrs’ day, we need to forget the past and instigate socially and know that it was for our privilege that made them died so let us show them our appreciating by staying peaceful.

Dear strugglers your mission brought transformation into a young nation called south, and we wish you all the best for your struggle to give us a precious nation. I am also appreciating you for tremendous things you have done with no selfishness or greediness.

I am sure without your persistent/tireless support, South Sudan would have not been as it is today. Although most of you are not benefiting from what you have struggled for, you have planted the seeds that will bear fruits tomorrow and everyone will enjoy.

You liberated and now is time develop the nation. Therefore, your legacy would never be forgotten, it will be remembered as one of the incredible things you have done, In addition to the above, even though inflation affects our country, then your day would never be affected by inflation


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