A foot for thought

Tribute to late Susan Juru

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The Pastor in charge of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, Gudele A.Parish, Rev. John Louis said people of South Sudan were sick with problems they were carrying in the families. As a result, many people are not paying attention to God, even on Sunday, people are not going to pray in the church. They are running after their businesses not knowing that time will come for them to leave this world and the businesses they are running after will end in this dirty world.

He said this statement when he was preaching in the funeral of late Susan Juru Albino who died in Khartoum, Sudan on 16th of this month 2021 with breast Cancer.  Late Juruwas a dedicated Christian in Presbyterian Church, Gudele A and she had committed herself to the Lord Jesus Christ. Rev. Louis continued to say that people of South Sudan separated from Sudan, but they didn’t separate from sins, that was why there was a lot of corruption in the country because people were running after businesses not asking God to give them money in good way. He said they wanted their children to study in better schools, live in good houses and eat better food, forgetting that those things were provided by God.WhenJesus is going to come for the second time, He will find them running after businesses. Not knowing where they are going at the end of the world which is near to come.

Better to believe in Jesus and ask everything from Him because He is the one to give in better manner. Those who believe in Him will enter in the Kingdom of God. Time has come for everybody to look for God’s Kingdom not the jobs that take us nowhere.  He further said, late Juru had already gone, whatwas next was for all of us because we don’t know the date and the time. Sometimes you will go to the work or get out from the house; you will not come back alive.

That is why the Bible is telling us to be ready any time and we need to follow the teaching in the Bible and follow Christ Jesus in our lives.

It’s better to be with Jesus Christ than a person who cannot help you at the end of the world.

May God bless us all.

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