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Tribute to late Evangelist TB Joshua

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

It was not easy for those who knew what the late TB Joshua did in this world. That is why his death is not only being mourned by Nigerians but by the entire people of the world. You can ask why a person like TB Joshua died at this time and at the age of 57 years according to the information provided by media outlets and the administration of stone International Church in Juba. Many questions have beenraised by different people who wished the late TB Joshua could still save people of God around the world.

They may have forgotten that death is the secret of God that will be coming to take all of us. How are you going to die is another secret not revealed by God. Yesterday the information from the family said that the prophet died in the office. The sickness was not clear up to now, it is like a call from God that he had done enough in this world, time had come for him to go and stay in his home that God wanted him to live in.  The wife said before he could die, he said “there is a time to come and time to leave”.

Let people in the world accept his last journey, being a prophet he might have had the vision, but not knowing the time.  As information provided said also before he could die he had a long prayers, which could be part of preparation for the last journey.  The late Joshua had made Nigeria popular with his prophecy and the country will still remain popular because he left legacy.

During those years, many people visited Nigeria and went up to the church where he prayed, because of his preaching as a Prophet. He cured many people; thousands of them became true Christians in the world.  People are not mourning him as somebody who had not done anything in this world. I am sure his children are going to be another Joshua. From those whom he mentored, still will carryup what the late Joshua haddone. The Holy bible said, time will come, God will take his people. If you believe in JesusChrist, you will live in eternal life like Prophet Joshua. It is now time for those who learned from him to take over and have strong faith and deliver good preaching in the name of Jesus Christ. It is a long journey for some people but a short way to those who are nearest to God.

His prayers to India due to death ofmany people with COVID-19 Pandemic, God will hear his prayer. Many important people die these days, God want to teach us to know him better. However, let us learn to do good things so that our souls will rest in peace on the last day.

May God bless us all.

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