Tribalism divides youth–Activist

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

Tribalism is an ill-feeling which is dividing South Sudanese youth living in in the refugees camps an Activist working for Community Organization said last week in a youth meeting in the camp.

Anis Malka the Chairperson of the refugees led local CBO spoke to Juba Monitor during a meeting organized by community based organization.

 The aim of the meeting was to find out the challenges affecting South Sudanese youths living as refuges in Uganda.

Malka said, many South Sudanese youths are suffering in urban centres in Uganda because they lack cooperation among themselves.

“Many are living in Uganda based on tribal bases and divided based on their regions and the states not knowing that they are all South Sudanese who came from the same country,’’ Malka said.

He said, due to tribalism, hatred and division, many South Sudanese youths in Uganda missed scholarship.

 He added as an organization, they have raised complains of the youth to the office of the Residence city Commissioner of Arua for any assistant to the South Sudanese community.

The Chairperson further urged pastors to teach good values in the churches which contribute to the spiritual growth of the children.

He also appealed to South Sudanese living in Arua town and in the refugee’s camps to cooperate and live as one.

Pastor Repent who is the Chief Advisor for the CBO advised youth to work hard to fight tribalism.

Repent stated that, many refugees are not having the opportunity of study abroad because of disunity and tribal issues that is making the young youths to miss those opportunities.

 He added that, many refugees in the camps lack access medical services due to lack of health centres in some refugees settlement hence they are referred to biggest hospitals, saying that at times they loss lives because they are not having money to buy drugs from the clinics.

Mary Adut women representative said previously, many children were taken for scholarship, saying it never happens nowadays.

Adut urged organization to put aside tribalism because it’s the major tool which contributes to the suffering of the refugees in the camps and many living as IDPs in the country.

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