TREES-Cutting irk Environment Ministry

Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The National Minister of Environment and Forestry, Josephine Napwon Cosmos has expressed concern over the ongoing cutting down of trees on the orders of Juba City Mayor, saying it undermined the government’s policy of restoring green environment.

Minister Napwon in an interview with Juba Monitor, said that, it was not right for the trees to be cut down especially when we had just launched a 100-million tree planting campaign.

“The trees shouldn’t be cut unless on one condition and that is if they might have fallen within the mapping and the survey of the road, but if it’s not within the road then there is no need for them to be cut off,” she Said.

She also added that the country recently had launched the project on planting trees in ten years to come and no one should be expected to cut the trees particularly within Juba city.

South Sudan had just launched a campaign in June to plant 100 million trees in the next 10 years to ease the effects of climate change and restore wasteland.

The launch was part of the celebration for World Environment Day in Juba under the theme, Ecosystem Restoration for Sustainable Livelihood.

The Minister urged residents to participate and ensure the success of the project to make the country green.

The project’s aim was to help mitigate the effect of climate change and restore the degraded land-based ecosystem.

She warned of rampant illegal felling of trees which were likely to be a huge environmental degradation issue in the near future.

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