The international meeting of on climate change has been going on in the Glasgow, one of the great cities of the UK where over 130 world leaders are meeting to discuss how to tackle climate change and global warming which is moving with a speed threatening to tear the world apart by creating untold disorders. Fighting and managing the occurrence of a desert in any part of the world is an individual country’s undertaking in short and long term planning. The most effective one is planting trees which is the major key component to save erosion and washing away soil layers. This country had planned or mooted a program to cover ten years where 100 million trees were to be planted. There is another way of doing it, people should stop cutting down trees without replanting two for one cut which is being ignored by the majority tree cutters. The forests are running dry being turned into desert by loggers and charcoal dealers. If this trend is not stopped and the replanting exercise taken, it would be within a short period of time to see the most beautiful and natural scenes turned into harrows of dry land without life for future food production. The country is witnessing the charcoal trade even up to the neighbouring countries. Natural trees like oak and mahogany are being cut down for overseas market without anyone taking the lead to save them. Silently these spices have found their ways up to the European market. Who is or are doing these businesses. It would be accepted if the exercises were carried out without leaving trails of distractions in the forests and which would eventually affect the climate condition in the country. There must be a need to protect the forests and plant more trees to save the future for the next generation.

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