Travellers from coronavirus affected area sneaking in the country

By Kidega Livingstone

The risk of importing the coronavirus still remains high as most travelers were allowed to leave from the airport with their family members despite jetting in from countries affected by the virus.

According to the World Health Organization guideline, passengers who travelled from coronavirus affected countries would be quarantined for 14 days.

One passenger who landed in Juba International Airport from Uganda on Sunday told Juba Monitor that out of all the passengers they came with, all of them were allowed to leave with their family members.

South Sudan has not reported any case of the virus but the government has suspended all social gatherings and temporarily suspended flights from Egypt and United Arabs Emirates.

Kenya and Uganda had already suspended all flights except cargo. But Ethiopian flights continue to land in Juba.

There have been reports of some of the government officials refusing their children who are coming from outside to go through virus testing machines.

When contacted, Director for Juba International Airport, Kur Kuol Ajieu told Juba Monitor that he was not aware on the allegation stating that security forces have been deployed at the airport to make sure all travelers go through screening process.

“What I know everybody coming from outside is to be tested and undergoes through all the required processes of the screening. What I know, the security personnel are there to make sure that all national and international travellers are screened,” said Kur.

“All the gates around the Airport were all closed. We have only three gates opened and security personnel are all surrounding them,” he added.

Last week President Salva Kiir banned all gatherings and schools and other places for events were closed.

The virus has spread to more than 39 countries in Africa including Uganda and Kenya, South Sudan remains at risk.

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