Travelers warned of implication over disobedience

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Incoming travelers to the country have been warned of possible implication for continuously giving wrong contacts upon arrival at Juba International Airport.

Last week, the Ministry of Health said the irregularity has affected health workers’ job to follow up on new arrivals since most of the travelers do not present their contact details.

Dr. Thuou Loi, the official spokesperson of the Ministry of Health disclosed the move was a violation on coronavirus measures and would instead be met with legal penalties should it continue.  

“For those who normally give us (Health Ministry) wrong contacts, my assumption until proven is that it is intentional. They don’t want to be followed up, and this is a criminal act,” he explained.

Dr. Loi warned the travelers to cease from such act or else prepare for legal penalties.

“Failure to observe that, we will take appropriate measures as Health Ministry with relevant authorities in the country whether security or any other legal mean, because this is a criminal case” he said.

The health professional tells the institutions that bring staffs or consultants to the country to be aware of the non-compliance measures and adhere to them strictly.

“They must give us correct numbers, if anyone is coming to organization X or Y, then organization X or Y must have a contact that can be put in the forms at the Airport for follow up,” the health expert stated.

Dr. Loi admitted the incidences would continue to affect the work of the Rapid Response team to follow up after travelers if their contacts are not corrected.  

“Let’s this message go out clearly and let’s people be aware of that, it is difficult for our team to follow on new travelers while on quarantine in the country,” he said.

Dr. Loi said that if all the measures fail to work, they would find ways of tracking such non-law abiding groups to face the law.

“We can find a way of getting you wherever you are in the country with the relevant authorities, and you can actually be punished for that,” he reiterated.

Loi appealed to different institutions in the country to always prepare contacts information for whoever comes to the country as a visitor on special appointment.  

“Everyone who comes to South Sudan is either employed or coming to work here, so such relevant authorities must always prepare early before the reception of these people,” he said.

“Those few individuals who may not necessarily have contacts have institutions that must provide contacts numbers to Rapid Response team for follow up during 14 days quarantine,” he concluded.  

According to Health Ministry, the measures were supposed to be respected for country to prevent local transmission since the country was not yet COVID-19 free.

Currently, the country has a cumulative figure of 2,649 coronavirus confirmed cases.

In the number, 1,438 are recoveries and 49 as fatalities.

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