Trauma and Healing conducted in Rumbek

CSOs and Community Leaders discuss Trauma and Healing in Rumbek photo by Mabor Riak Magok:

By Mabor Riak Magok

Civil society organizations and community leaders in Rumbek on Monday conducted a workshop on trauma and healing.

The workshop was supported by USAID-SUCCESS in Western Lakes State.

The facilitator of Trauma and Healing roundtable discussion, Rev. Elijah Magel Manhom said trauma is an event and experience that lead a person to abnormal life.

Rev. Manhom explains that post-traumatic stress disorders include weakness, shamefulness, and lack of trust, peace, voiceless, difficulty in sleeping, and difficulty in concentration and confusion.

He said most of the trauma causes are due to result of devastating war, diseases, poverty, misunderstanding, domestic violence and rape, early and forced marriages as well as economic crisis in the community.

“The most effective tool and total freedom from trauma is healing from trauma, this is one of the most basic ingredients in the building of relationship,” he said.

“Healing is based on forgiveness and reconciliation through dialogue by establishing trust, respect and care by defining new life orientation and memories within a given social dynamic,” Manhom added.

He called on citizens to forgive and forget the past and to begin a new chapter of peace, love, unity and reconciliation in Western Lakes State.

Ayor Achol Kuer who spoke on behalf of the participants during the roundtable discussion said that she was ready to utilize the knowledge and skills of approach on trauma and healing that she had acquired from training.

“We have many people in the community who are traumatized and they need counseling and healing. Even among ourselves we look normal but we are traumatized due to all these intra-communal violence and cattle raiding where lives and properties are lost,” Ayor said.

The Trauma and Healing roundtable discussion was attended by over 40 participants being drawn from different civil society organizations and community leaders in Western Lakes State.


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