Transport fare, hunger affects school enrollment

By Rose Keji Benjamin

The current increment of public transport costs and hunger that come as a result of the economic crisis in the country has greatly contributed to the school dropout of students in Jubek state.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview yesterday, the Director General of Jubek state, Ministry of Education Gender and Social Welfare, Daniel Swaka Ngwanki said that pupils and students who come from long distance to schools in Juba town have stopped schooling following the high cost of transport and hunger.

“The current crisis has affected school attendance because of increase in public transport fares for coming and going back home and lack of breakfast for the pupils,” said Swaka. “Sometimes these affect their class attendance and they tent to leave school early.”

He said that most teachers have left teaching because of delay in salaries for the last four months and they have resorted to other businesses in order to survive.

“Teachers who love their profession cannot be able to teach because they are hungry, they cannot talk, write and demonstrate for pupils,” Swaka said.

He appealed to teachers to go to school and teach for the sake of the future of this country while the government is working hard to pay their salaries.

The students that Juba Monitor spoke to appealed to the government to provide free education to the youth because they are not attending school due to lack of money.

Martin Malong Lual of the University of Juba said he could not continue because of lack of money for school fees and scholastic materials.

“We youth are suffering, we don’t have jobs and no money for education, we need to stand strong as youth of this country,” he said.

He said those students who have parents to support their education should continue with education, and not follow those who are not going to school.

Elizabeth Keji, who was abandoned by her husband with three children, said she cannot send her children to school because the little money she raises cannot help cater for sickness, school fees, and food.

She calls on the government to help citizens with free education.


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