Transport back on Kapoeta-Ngauro road after ambush

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

Transport has resumed along Kapoeta-Ngauro road following improved security in the area after the Tuesday’s deadly road ambush that left seven people dead.

Last Tuesday, unknown gunmen ambushed a passenger vehicle between Toposa and Didinga area.

Maj. Gen. Anthony Adil, the director of police in the defunct Kapoeta state said the situation in the area has returned to normalcy as vehicles movement has resumed along the road.

He said the government has entrusted the local politicians to talk to their people to stop all kinds of insecurity.

“The situation is calm, there is nothing wrong and vehicles are moving. We have opened the case as police and as government we have sent politicians from both Toposa and Didinga, the chiefs to ensure a solution for these people because every time people are breaking the law but there must be solution,” Gen Anthony said.

According to the police official, the locals claimed they were retaliating their woman and child who were allegedly burnt by their neighbors.

“They (community) said there was a Toposa woman who was burnt with the child that is why they revenged but in general Kapoeta is peaceful except the Toposa and Didinga tension,” Gen Anthony said.

The Executive Director of the former Chuckudum County Alfred Odong condemned the incident in the strongest terms possible and calls on the government to intervene to allow peaceful coexistence among the neighboring communities.

“What is it all about when a person is already dead and you get the fire and you burnt a dead body, how does it express the anger of the person. What I want to clarify is that the two foreigners were kept alone and the four bodies said to be Didinga were burnt in the car,” he said.

“This incident is now beyond community to tackle but this one has to involve directly the government because if there is no peace in the area then it is equally the government to take that step, of course our people refute war, war is actually destructive and I believe these people who did this thing must have different thinking because all of us need peace to enjoy good life,” Alfred stressed.

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