Transparency makes things easy

By Agar Mayor

Knowing the fact that a new peace accord that will reconcile different interests and opinions of our politicians who signed the agreement have been sign, no one seems to be sure of whatever was signed will be implemented accordingly.  As few days are left to the formation of the Revitalised Transitional Government of National Unity [RTGoNU].

Citizens feel anxious and eager as they receive the peace deal with love and care though they have been unconsidered and undermined in the peace deal. Citizens are not aware of what is exactly in the agreement.  They need to be enlightened and sensitized about the components of the revitalized peace agreement. All they have been hearing is peace and the details of the agreement are not explained to them. Citizens do interpret peace in correct or incorrect ways depending on personal findings and understanding.  People are being told that we are going to have five vice presidents. This brings much thought in my mind that the issue of power sharing is solved.  It is a human nature to talk about your challenges to those you think can in provide solutions to your problems.

Whenever war breaks out, it is the citizens who suffer mostly and therefore they ought to be updated always and they must also be asked to provide a way forward in shadow of difficulties that befell the country, South Sudan.  It happened in a certain locality where a man had his bull stolen but never knew the community ways of looking for a missing cow.  He came from Khartoum three years back so he did not acquaint himself with all the problems faced in the cattle camps such as stealing or raiding.  Having encountered this new problem in his life, he never thought twice.  He considered it a small problem that he could just find its way forward in less than a minute. His mind was still full of all techniques and ways of solving issues to do with money. All the cows have been recovered with exception of this missing bull.  He took his spear, which he did not know how to hold it very well and went to a nearby cattle camp.  He was warmly received by his in-law whose sub-community inhabited that camp. He spent a night with his in-law. He never disclosed his mission to these people, but later on in the morning he escaped and began to search for a while and then came back to his in-law place without them noticing.  His search yielded no positive result. He slept for the second night and in the morning he started another search but was also in vain. A man who has been in a place where hardships are hardly common, he became despair and thought of returning to their camp.  After a month later, news broke out in the whole of their camp about his bull being slaughtered in that camp where he was searching in.  Its horns were found near the side of his in-law though not so close but his in-law was aware when the bull was brought to their camp. He even contributed to the plan of hiding the bull so that it cannot be recovered by the owner. He never knew that the bull was for the in-law but on the other side, the Khartoum was not smart. He did not reveal the purpose of his mission to his in-law. Let’s be transparent to each other such that our problems are shared and solve them together in different ways and thoughts. This is the right time for our government and the opposition leaders to sensitize and disseminate peace agreement to the grass root. Citizens are not aware of the components of the agreement signed. We as the citizens may be having knowledge and productive ideas that could contribute to this peace deal, like that guy with his in-law who knew the whereabouts of the bull.  But his in-law did not relay the purpose of his mission to him; he did bother to ask his in-law. Let’s share our problems together.

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