Anywhere in the world, you will only expect a society to be economically strong, only if there is better taxation system put in place. A young country like South Sudan which needs massive development in many areas would always go for something that will make development to happen by putting right systems in place.

Indeed as South Sudan is struggling to improve its economy, the government needs to focus on principle of having just tax system with free or with minimum corrupt practices which involves total use of banking system for collection of revenue. As one of the activists said South Sudan needs to create better taxation system in the country to improve the economic situation from worsening further which was true because over the years South Sudan had recorded several malpractices in tax system across the country. So in order to stop all these from happening, the government should take genuine actions in addressing the tax collection system in the country. Revenue authority being the national tax institution, then it should be the only body tasked to control over the taxation in the country and should really have proper deliberations on the commercial banks on operation of this collection. The practice of having many tables at tax collection points including too many road blocks engaging on tax collection should be reviewed by the established Economic Crisis Management Committee. The Government needs to improve the economic situation by reviewing the national revenue taxation system including the States Revenue Authority. The issue in which military personnel, including security organs, chiefs and Local Government are involved in tax collection should be stopped at all cost. South Sudan needs transparent tax system where the taxpayers and the leaders can easily find information about the tax system and how tax money is used.

With a transparent tax system, we know who is being taxed how much they are paying and what is being done with the money and people can find out who pays the tax instead of manifold tax system where many individuals are involved.

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