A foot for thought

Transparency and accountability is required

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

In any institution, the matter of transparency and accountability is very important. If people work in a transparent manner, there would be no issue of corruption. What had happened to South Sudan, which become the most corrupt country is that one of them was a lack of “transparency and accountability. “

Professor James Wani Igga during the time of launching of his book on the 26th of this month by the title, “Global Cooperative Taxation with South Sudan as the Epicenter”. Part of the content of the book was about corruption. How the book would help in reducing the level of corruption is expected in the country. He said there were people in government departments who accounted for the issue of corruption.

This information was not known by the public, for the reason that their names were not brought to the media, it was considered an internal issue.  

On the other hand, Madam Angelina Teny, Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs encouraged women to work in a transparent manner in order to avoid corruption in the country.

How could that happen, it needs people to fear God and respect the Ten Commandments of God.  If all people work with love and fear of God, there would be no corruption in the country. Before you steal money, remember what are God’s Ten Commandments written in the Bible. 

In addition to that, people should work together and consult each other about the activities they are doing in the offices. There would be a system of using money in the government. Corruption sometimes can be practised in groups and others practice it as individuals. In such a situation, women are considered less corrupt because many of them fear God and they work in transparency.

People in South Sudan recover from corruption, by going back to the Bible and following the life of Jesus Christ.

Any temptation can happen due to the high demands of people and they are unable to fulfil them. Let us eat what belongs to us and work in a transparent way.

May God bless us all.

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