Trained security agencies urged to prevent crimes


The trainees and Expertise France in a group Photo (photo by Mandela Nelson Denis):

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Government security agencies that have been trained by Expertise France in Juba have been urged to prevent crimes in the country.

Col Madut Maduot made this remarks at the closing of a five-day training that equipped government agencies such as Criminal Investigation Department officers, Interpol, Immigration Police, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other officials.

According to Col Madut, the country’s citizens lacked skills, but he hoped that with the knowledge trained from the training, they will help reduce crimes such as human trafficking and smuggling which is increasing in South Sudan.

“Knowledge is the necessary tool that you have all received today, share what you have learnt with others, do not be greedy,” Madut told the trainees.

Laurent Grossbois, the Projector Director of Expertise France said that he hopes that the relation between government agencies in the country and the region is improved.

“This training will enable you to share information with the region and help tighten the relationship among countries, as the relevant information that you shall share will help tackle problems that you face,” Laurent said.

John Mading Majur, Head of Human Trafficking and Anti-Smuggling said that the gap in fighting human trafficking in the country was caused by weakness in the legal frame work.

He urged Expertise France to help the unit develop a strong legal system.

“We lack capacities to handle cases of human trafficking, so that we catch up with the rest of the world in the fight against human trafficking and we hope Expertise France will help us in this,” John Mading said.

Maj. General Simon Majur Pabek who spoke on behalf of the Inspector General of Police said that the fight to stop human trafficking required collective efforts.

He urged all the trained agencies to work together to stop the vice in the country.

“It is important that all sectors work together to address these criminal issues of human trafficking,” Majur said.

Some of the participants train other government agencies across the country.



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