Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

Traffic rules should be observed by motorists, particularly those using cell phones while driving. Some of these drivers have become nuisance to others. Traffic department should instantly penalize those found driving and using the hand phones at the same time. It is proper to stop and park the vehicle on the roadside when your phone rings, finish the conversation and then proceed with the journey. It is impolite and a threat to ignore the traffic laws. Some people even stop their vehicles in the middle of the road against all odds and continue talking on phones as if they are the only one on the road. Some even do so on single lane preventing those behind them from proceeding with their journey. Law enforcers should be vigil and nab those breaking the rules. They should nab those causing unnecessary jam because of using their cell phones while driving. The truth is if this traffic rule is in the book and should be applied, then traffic cops are sleeping on the job. They need to wake up and use their training and vested authority to bring to book traffic offenders, more so, those using mobile phones while driving. It is common to see the officers classifying vehicles by their make. Those of the high class are themselves having free tickets from any traffic checking. The coloured people are hot cake for checking. The law should apply equally to all and selective application avoided. The image of the country is reflected by the law being applied equally and without discrimination. Motorists talking on phone are not exceptional. It hurts to see them park anyhow on the road some with their car rears blocking part of the roads just because they are on phone. The traffic department should wake up and bring this maniac to an end.

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