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Traffic police to control parking in City

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Traffic police working on the roadsides within Juba City should take full responsibility of controlling cars and those parkedat roadsides. There are some drivers who parked cars almost on the roads making it difficult for other cars to move.  During the evening hours you can see many public cars standing outsidebus stations calling passengers. This is common mostly at around 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm local time in Juba. 

For example at Custom roundabout, from 5:00 pm to6:00 pm evening hours, you will find most of the public transport standingat the roadsidesand conductors are calling passengers according to the locations they are going.

By this time, most of the traffic police officers wouldn’tbe seen in roundabouts controlling drivers. Therefore, there should be a system for parking cars, and this system should be monitored and controlbythe traffic police, for reason that they are the one responsible for traffic rules in the country. All drivers or any person who is driving should respect the system. If it is left in the hands of drivers to do it the way they are doing it in the absence of traffic police, many accidents will occur. For the traffic police officers to work up to late hours, the management need to motivate them at some point. The officecan organize and make them work on shifting dailyin order to monitor and managed traffic system.

 I don’t know why by that time drivers couldn’t go inside the bus parkand decided to park atroadside and take passengers?And that is the time likelytheymake accidents because the roads becomenarrowed and congested. Accidents occursmostly when they roads are narrowed by passengers’ vehicles. Sometimes when placesare dark it is difficult for drivers to seepedestrians crossing the roads andalsothieves take advantage ofpassengersboarding the cars.

However, traffic police should ensure that all transport vehicles are in the eveningparked at public stations. They should have staff working at rush hoursto reduce the rate of accidents and theft.

May God bless us all.

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