If indeed the traffic police will obey and follow the orders of their boss Maj. Gen Kon John Akot not to stop drivers of water tanks without possible reason(s) then it will be a big turn of events. The traffic police and other security organs are known to be preying on drivers of water tanks with all imagined accusations and defects which are created to oil pockets of the white uniformed officers of the law. While the law must be respected and followed to the latter, traffic police should be well disciplined and should be seen as efficient and effective in their work. The order should be placed to all others who sometimes take over the work of the traffic police while they are not the white uniformed officers. Each security organ has its own duty and mandate. Doubling can only occur when others are incorporated and ordered to assist the traffic department in ensuring smooth flow of traffic. Those who are taking it upon themselves to operate under the shadow should be held accountable by their bosses for doing what they are not supposed to do. It is known that some officers who are not from the traffic police have invaded the work of their colleagues with the aim of making quick buck by demanding bribes even when the vehicle does not have any problem. They will make sure they created imagined charges against the drivers, more so when that driver happened to be foreigners who are mostly driving or own water tanks. Maj Gen Akot should collaborate with his colleagues from other security organs to bring to book the wayward officers found to be going against the directive. He should be able to tame the undisciplined officers who are out to spoil the good name and image of those dedicated to their work.

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