Fingers are again pointing at the harassment of motorists by the white uniformed police officers. The motorists who are complaining have taken some of these reports to some of the civil society organizations to address the same with the Government organs. It is common to see traffic police officers stopping mostly business vehicles like Water Tankers, Charcoal Lorries, long haulers and Public vehicles. In rare cases will you see them stop posh cars, sometimes and in most cases they have to come up if not drummed up, but somehow charges or to make the user feel guilty even without any offence committed. In civility, all policemen are supposed to be public friendly. They are the sons and daughters of the society. They are brothers and sisters to all. Their oath also demands that they should execute their duties without fear or favour but within the drawn laws and regulations. They would be doing the public a lot of justice if they were friendly because members of the public would interact with them freely and somehow give them vital tips of improving security. What we are seeing is that most of them are bully and demand to be noticed even in circumstances where the public are socializing. We cannot point a finger at the traffic police alone but even some in the uniform from different units are seen and known to harass the public. The traffic police are being labeled as the corrupt unit of the police force because of the demand when one happens to be their guest at the roadside stop. One has to pat with something and even when given a receipt one will notice that the amount demanded is not the same on the receipt. There are no explanations whatsoever, given over these discrepancies. Worse still, there is no room to ask questions. We are being told that there is a unit within the police force dealing with such cases. They should wake up and do random inspections on the roads and see for themselves what is really happening. Because members of the public and motorists cannot complain for nothing if all were well. There is something fishy which must be stopped for the public good.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Something of interest, which came out this mid-week, is what the Deputy Speaker of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA), Hon. Timothy Tot Chol told some Members of Parliament and part of the general public, who have been critics of the management of the August House and accused them of being used by the executive to pass motions in favour of the latter. He told them that the management of the House was firm and was not a Rubber-Stamp of the executive. There are those who have been pointing fingers at the management of the house so far, accusing it of various shortfalls, including the above. Speaker Anthony Lino Makana and his deputy have been generous enough to remain silent, but as time goes by, and the accusations continued, they could not go on remaining quite forever in the middle of these so called unfounded claims. They had to put a stop to these and it was through Chol who had to step in for his boss, who is said to have been out on some official engagement to correct the dented image of the house. Our parliament “beat” man, SaPT told us that a group of some honorable were not happy with the recent motion of the Finance Minister. Some thought it was a state sponsored motion with the intention to arm-twist the MPs to support it without being given adequate time to go through the papers. Our privy information varies from one point to the other. Some just did not want the motion to go through because of their self-interest while others took issues with some committee chairpersons and their deputies for not playing their game to the maximum expectation. This is why they thought of pointing a finger at parliament for not giving them enough time. The truth however, is that MPs are the lawmakers. They have the right to make, amend, change and bring in a new law they deem fit for the country. Legislative is one arm of the government. The others are the Executive and the Judiciary. All in all, they have to work as a team for the good of the country. Therefore, lawmakers will not be doing their job if they want the public to believe that the executive was arm-twisting their mandates. That is why SaPT told us he is in full agreement with the deputy speaker that parliament is not a Rubber-Stamp of the executive. The MPs and members of the public, who were accusing the management of the house, did not give clear picture on how the executive was or could have done what they claim. SaPT is right to term the past on-goings as either gossip or hearsay, not factual.


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