Traffic officer awarded for excellent work

By Kidega Livingstone

The traffic officer working at Seventh Days Roundabout has been awarded with furniture and five hundred dollar for his hard work.

George Kenyi has been described by many as “citizens’ shining light” due to his hard work despite the challenges.

“I joined the police service to serve my country and my people. I love my job because I want to help my country,” Kenyi said.

“I don’t want them to suffer during the time of traffic jump,” Kenyi told journalists after he was awarded for his hard work yesterday.

Kenyi joined the police service in 2010. His first assignment was in Joint Security Operations, an organized unit formed to curb crimes within Juba City. However, in 2013, Kenyi was transferred to the traffic police unit under Central Equatoria State.

Members of the public have often complained of constant harassment and extortion by some traffic police officers.

The 32-year-old said he was doing his work   without extorting money from the public

“What is paining me here at the Seventh Days Roundabout is that some people do respect the traffic rules but many don’t. Some of them don’t respect us, you want to stop him/her to direct them, they always refuse, and others would insult and disrespect me -as if I’m not putting on  uniform. This pains me,” he stressed

He said he wakes up early in the morning knowing that there would be rain, sunshine, and many other challenges associated with his job, but that hasn’t stopped him.

South Sudan Police spokesperson, Maj. Gen Daniel Justine said people often blamed police officers during their work.

He said the hard work of George Kenyi had proved to the public that police were doing the right work for the people and the nation.

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