The traffic jam, particularly in the evening along Juba-Nimule road near the main bridge, Kubri, should be resolved as it is a nightmare to a number of motorists to just imagine going through this section. Sometimes back it was caused by bad road which was full of potholes and none-availability of drainage systems when it rained. At least the road and the area near the bridge have been repaired to what seems a good standard of man-work ship. The eyesore now is the jam which is creating a nightmare to motorists and other road users. Even those meant to be branching in the nearby outlets are forced to lineup for longer time than necessary. The traffic police and other security agents deployed to help ease the jam makes it even worse. In most cases instead of ensuring the flow was control they make it impossible by applying the tactics of check defaults or searching for vehicles documents. While it is necessary to do the check and demand the papers, it should be done at an appropriate time instead of inconveniencing road users and the general public. The officers should do their work diligently and within the law. It is true that some roads in Juba City are experiencing the same scenarios, but one thing should remain firm in mind that the Juba-Nimule road is lifeline of the country and should be cared for accordingly. Let well trained and experienced traffic officers be deployed to man the in and out flow of traffic on this road, particularly, this areas of the bridge. It will also reduce the time taken and the wasted man-power which could be applied for the well-being of the country’s development. It is pointless to have the road made so smooth the smoothness ends at the bridge where motorists get stuck for hours. Let there be order of traffic flow in and around Kubri.

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