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Traditional way of solving problems

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Sometimes it is good to remember the way people solve problems in traditional manners. For example, there are problems between husband and wife or neighbors, how did people solve them during those years or in rural areas?

In other places, there are no governments and laws to guide people to solve problems, but each tribe has ways on how to tackle issues pertaining to family affairs and the community at large.  It was working very well and people respect what had been put as rules to guide the community.

In those areas, community leaders and elderly people were considered as administrators in the areas. Any information coming from them would be implemented and put in action. It was a small population being managed by a few people in a specific place.

Sometimes problems occurred due to big numbers of people and lack of respect for the rules set up by people. Chiefs were considered part of administrations in the areas. They live simple lives and in a peaceful manner.  Currently, there are some communities that have kings who are considered as administrators in their places.

They have taboos that generate by them to guide their living. For example, a man wants to marry, what could be done, or how the ceremony is prepared in the traditional way. I like the traditional marriage of Nigeria, it has become popular, and it looks so nice and beautiful.

South Sudan has  64 tribes in the country, each tribe has its own way of getting married. Due to civilizations and inter-marriage, other traditional ways of marriage are similar.  Many people copied other people’s way of living to improve their standards.   You cannot say this is my tradition don’t follow them if it is well better to adapt and implement them.

What are good in those traditional rules, there were no many conflicts among people, anything resolved by a small group of people and within a specific period of time. There was no third party to stand in between us peace markers.

 Sometimes is good to remember old system of living and admire our way of life in our own traditions.

May God bless us all.

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