Tradershike prices due to late arrival

By Yiep Joseph

Traders in Juba have increased prices of goods citingto compensate damages caused by the delayed arrival of trucks bringing goods at the Uganda border point of Elegu.

Last week, Ugandan and Kenyan transporting merchandises with trucks refused to enter the country over security concerns.

They demanded safety assurance from authorities during their movement.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Hassen Donga, a trader who deals in selling Matoke (harvested green banana) in custom explained that due to the delayed arrival of trucks at Elegu, said that most of his goods especially the bananas fruits were spoiled and there was need to increase the prices to coverup.

He further mentioned that the bench of bananas has increased from its usually price of 8,000 to 13,000 SSP making it more expensive to the retailers that will eventually affect the last buyer who is the consumer.

Donga explained that they were just forced to increase prices by the situation and not their interest citing that their buyers also need profits.

“We reached Juba and try to offload but almost half of the truck of the bananas was spoiled,” Donga said.

“Those green bananas you are seeing over there are all rotten inside though the look green outside,” he said

He explained that there were other fruits that were rotten beside bananas and these included avocados and lemons.

He narrated the damages caused by the delay will take time for them to recover.

He appreciated the Government of South Sudan for their cooperation with the Uganda government and the drivers.

“If our trucks could have stayed for more weeks in Elegu, everything could have been spoiled in the trucks but they two governments cooperated and that is why we reached Juba with few fruits,” Donga said.

Donga mentioned that due to the delay and the damages incurred, they opted to increase the prices in order to get the buying prices though without profits.

He added that most of their customers are those that prepare the Ugandan food (matooke) which they later sell meanwhile, those who consume bananas directly in one way or another are few.

He appealed to the consumers to bear with the high prices echoing that there was hope for the price to drop since the border has already opened.

He assured the customers that when other trucks come from Kampala, prices will drop since they fruits will arrive while fresh without any damages.

On other hand Christine Apia, a banana seller in Nyakuron, complained that prices have increased that prompted them as retailers to increase their prices too.

“Iam now selling 4 bananas at 500 ssp not 300 ssp like before,whole sellers increased their prices and I have to increase my prices also,” Apia said.

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