Traders worry amid attacks on enterprises by gang groups

Robert Pitia, head of CES Chamber of commerce

By Bida Elly David

Central Equatoria State Chamber of commerce yesterday said that the business environment started jeopardizing as traders have raised anxieties on day and night assaults on their enterprises by the gang group known as niggas operating in Juba. 

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Robert Pitia, the chairperson of Central Equatoria State chamber of commerce said that they have received several cases of harassment on foreign and domestic traders by the gang  in the city especially night attacks involving forceful looting of property from the businessmen and women.

Pitia said that on Sunday, a foreign trader in Kator was confronted, looted, and beaten by a group of gang known as (Niggas) to the extent of sustaining injuries all over his body as well as losing money from his sales.

He said that the incident transpired at night when the businessman was returning to his vicinity after long hours of entrepreneurial services to customers.

Furthermore, he underscored that the availability of these gang groups in the city did not only impact individuals but also the entire national security and the economy at large.

 He urged the security department to quickly intervene and rescue the traders from facing harassment, attacks, and humiliation from such groups to maintain the business environment secure and favorable.

Pitia reiterated that the provision of tight security personnel for traders operating at night and evening hours should be prioritized for the safety of their goods and lives.

In continuation, Pitia appreciated the city council and the police for having started the initiative of arresting them but much concern was needed to ensure the protection of business people who operate up to night hours.

However, he said that parental negligence, divorce, ignorance, and lack of responsibility were the major factors that contributed to the influx of such groups in the town.

He urged parents to seriously mentor their children both physically and psychologically to enable them to transform into good people.

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