Traders urged to cooperate with chamber

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State called on traders to cooperate with the institution in Yei County.

Luate Justin, advised traders to approach his office in case of misunderstanding or anything related to prices to avoid depending on rumours.

“ The institution is always ready to handle and tackle issues affecting the business community in order to protect the community and I warns traders from hiking commodity prices that will affect the vulnerable people in the communities who can afford expensive goods because of their vulnerability context. We want our traders to cooperate with the chamber of commerce whenever they have challenges,”

He added that his office is meant for any person doing business, if you have an issue, don’t go to other agencies and use other ways of handling issues but rather come to the office. We are always here to handle your issues. Let us not maintain our prices at a level that protects the community. We should have a relationship that does not hurt another party.

He revealed that traders rush to the military police to handle their issues instead of the Chamber of Commerce office handling cases amicably. Also,  some traders amalgamate their business making it complex in determining prices from both retailers and wholesalers.

He stated that the wholesale traders from doubling as retailers create differences in the prices of retail goods.

“We have a challenge which is among the traders themselves, you find that someone is doing retail business and at the same time does wholesale business that is why you see there is a difference in prices because the retailer buys from the wholesaler and is supposed to fix his own price for retail.

Over the weekend, traders in Yei complained that they are facing challenges of high taxation in the county with tax collectors coming from Payam, county, State and national revenue which is affecting businesses.

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