Traders urged to contribute for National Dialogue

The Secretary General of South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Simon Akuei Deng has appealed to the business community to contribute money to support progress of the national dialogue.

He said it was each and every individual responsibility to mobilize and support the national dialogue in the country as there is no more going to Addis Ababa this time.

“We voted for our own independence and there is no need for people to continue fighting each other. In the country today there are conflicts between politicians, students, youth and elders fighting,” he said.

Deng said the Chamber of commerce does not support conflict but peace and unity of the nation.

He urged the government to include the private sector as the national dialogue is a priority in this country.

“We business community this time are happy because it is the first time we have come together to mobilize farmers, traders, and manufacturers to make contribution for the national dialogue,” Deng said.

The second Deputy Chairperson in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Saluwa Bankonye urged all traders to come together to rally behind the national dialogue if they really love the country.

“We have over 32 Commercial Banks in South Sudan and we have hotels and if we all contribute, it will greatly support the success of the national dialogue,” Bankonye said.

He appealed to citizens to always solve their problems peacefully, “We know everybody has problem but if you have misunderstanding with someone it is better to solve the matter peacefully instead of carrying a gun to end up the life of someone.”

By Rose Keji Benjamin

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