Traders urged not to exchange dollars randomly

By Hou Akot Hou

Authorities in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State called on traders not to exchange dollars randomly that leads them to losses when one falls prey to the fake dollar’s dealers.

They call came when Police arrested two young men for defrauding Ethiopian traders with fake dollars in Aweil North County.

On Thursday, Local authorities in Aweil said they are currently apprehending two criminals accused of engaging in counterfeiting fake dollars.

Guot Guot Akol, Police Spokesperson in Northern Bahr El Ghazal said that the two men are being held since Tuesday and are undergoing investigation.

“The administration is very keen and vigilant on the criminal cases. The two men being detained in Aweil came from Wau on 7 March and moved on the same day up to Gok-Machar with fake 1,100 USD. They went to an Ethiopian trader in Gok-Machar and exchanged 1000 USD to him worth 435,000 SSP. Fortunately the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) personnel caught them as they attempted to sneak back to Wau” says Guot.

He added that the two men seem to be doing this for long-run as they wanted to go back to Wau and get back to carry on the deal.  Also, earlier similar incident occurred in Aweil East where dollar counterfeit allegedly was reported which was sent for testing and was confirmed unsubstantial.

Akol added that the two jailbirds will be arraigned in court soon to answer the charges.

He revealed that Police appealed to all business community to always be extra careful when they are in urgent need of the forex as this obviously leads to losses when one falls prey to the fake dealers of dollars. Such incidents of people exchanging dollars has become common in many towns in South Sudan and according to many people, authorities are being exhorted or encouraged for a need to find way of restricting people from exchanging at random in the street unless in a confined Forex institution.

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