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Traders say food prices reduce gradually

By Rose Keji Benjamin

Local traders in Suk Libya said prices of food commodities in the market are gradually reducing due to the impact of the 25 trucks of foodstuff being imported by the government.

Anet Kiden, one of the traders in Suk Libya who sells food items says, the prices of food items has gone down compared to the previous weeks.

However, Kiden said at least food items should be sold in uniform prices, When you go to different markets you find prices are different, not uniform.

Although the prices of food items has reduced in some markets, Kiden said in Suk Libya prices are still high saying a 50 kg of maize floor is sold at 6,500 SSP and a basket of beans is at 3,000SSP, 50kg of sugar is 8,000SSP, a bar of shop is 100SSP.

Meanwhile Hellen Pita appealed to the government to continue supplying food commodities in the markets to subsidize prices and combat hunger in the country.

“The little I get is to safe my children’s lives, and they cannot go to school since I lost my husband. I am now their father and mother,’’ Pita added.

However in Juba town, prices of food items are very expensive compared to other markets such as Konyo Konyo and Custom.

Michael Tombe, one of the traders said, sometimes his items took almost one month to get finish saying that customers are not coming frequently to buy.

Obesh Ramadan Akuol, trader at Konyo Konyo market says things are cheaper compared to other markets. According to Akuol, a kilo of tomatoes is sold at 200SSP, 1Kg of onions is sold at 200SSP and one bag of sweet potatoes is 13,000SSP.

He urged the government to support traders and the citizens in the country since the crisis has led to high prices of food commodities in the markets.

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