Traders in Aweil promise to reduce prices of goods

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Traders in Aweil, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State have promised to reduce prices of goods in the State, as the State’s authorities start to lower taxation of commodities at the borders between Sudan and South Sudan.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday from Aweil, the Press Secretary in the Office of Governor Deng Kiir Deng said the governor warned traders to reduce prices or face consequences of their businesses being shut down.

“The meeting was with different business communities operating in Aweil to come together and discuss on the skyrocketing prices,” Akeen said.

Last week, Governor Tong Akeen Ngor summoned all the traders operating in Aweil Town to discuss issues of high prices of commodities in the market.

The governor promised the traders that the State Government would work to ensure that the issue of high prices was resolved.

The Chairperson of East African Business Community in Aweil, Monday Loyle said that high taxes at the border entry was a major challenge to business.

“Imagine from Juba to Aweil is a far distance, therefore, we are being over taxed because these days from Juba to Aweil they pay at every road block and again when the goods reach Aweil here, they again charge us the same taxes we are  charged at the border,” Monday expressed.

Jido Ahmed, a Sudanese businessman representing the Sudanese business Community in Aweil, argued that theft cases, was another factor which affecting their business in Aweil.

He urged the State government to consider their grievances and handle them appropriately.

He added that despite the night patrol by police, there has been an increase in looting of shops by gangs at night.

Last week, some business officials in the State reported that traders were arrested for failing to follow the order announced by the governor to reduce prices of goods.

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