Traders given ultimatum to paint shops

By Emelda Siama John

Juba City Council Block has given traders one month to paint all the shops in the market with blue color in order for the city to look beautiful.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Director of Juba City Council Block, John PonsianoLoro said anyone who doesn’t implement the orderwill be punished.

“We are targeting the owners of the shops not the renter because the owners of the shop are supposed to do the painting so that when customers come, the placeswill look beautiful. We are giving this order for a period of one month to see who is not implementing,”Loro said.

He added that the Juba city council block and the garbage department had joined hands together to keep Juba clean because they have four trucks that were sent to collect garbage in residential areas.

He revealed that collection of garbage around Juba city is the responsibility of Juba City Council Block and the consumers are expected to transport their garbage to large collection facilities. Also the City Council has arranged for the garbage to be picked up at the consumers’ homes.

“Keeping cities clean is essential for the health of residentsalthough we have challenges of equipment for collecting garbage. We need citizens to organizethe garbage in places to make it easy for the team to collect,” he said.

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