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Trader urgescitizens to keep Juba clean By Asunta Alith Mayen

A trader in Juba town has urged citizens to keep Juba clean to prevent outbreak of diseases like Cholera, Typhoid and other infectious diseases.

Abdullah Ismail Oman was reacting topeople who always litter Juba city with empty water bottles and food waste that produces stench smell to the public.

He said Juba city team of cleaners need to be appreciated over their effort in keeping Juba town clean and that people should also do their part by throwing their rubbish into dustbins to make work  easy for them.

“Even in most areas here, someone can buy a bottle of drinking water or a can of soda after finishing, he/she just throws it onthe road side and in some areas you mayfind foodwastejust thrownalong the road. In other countries, if youdo like the way it is done in Juba town, you will be fined by the authorities immediately,” said Ismail.

He called on the state ministry of health and Juba City Council to give more awareness to the people on the importance of having clean environment in the city.

“Over a hundred people died last year after the break out of cholera diseasein Juba and it spreadwidely to all areas around Juba simply because of unhygienic environment,” he said.

However, Ismail said keeping the town clean is the work of every citizen and not only the authorities alone. “We need to work together to keep our town clean,” said Ismail.

He said promoting public hygiene and sanitation is the only way to prevent thespreadof communicable diseases.

He also urged his fellow traders to buy dustbins and put them in their shops where they can throw the rubbish for disposal.







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