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Trade Minister Bans Charcoal Exportation

Dr. Moses Hassaan Tiel Minister of Trade, Industry and East African Community Affairs addresses Journalists in Juba on Wednesday 4th July 2018 (photo by Morris Dogga)

By Morris Dogga

The Minister of Trade, Industry and East African community (EAC) Affairs Dr. Moses Hassan Tiel issued a Ministerial order on Wednesday banning the exportation of charcoal in a bid to salvage the depletion of forests reserves.

Addressing journalists from his office Dr. Hassan said the rate at which trees have been cut to produce charcoal for exportation was alarming.

The Trade Minister said that a lot of people were illegally engaged in cutting down of trees for the purposes of producing charcoal for commercial exports.

“A lot of trees have been cut down. The cutting of trees is being done in an alarming rate,” he said. “We urged our citizens and those who are engaged in such activities to stop,” Hassan added.

He claimed that there are a lot of people who have been arrested in connection to smuggling charcoal to outside countries, and are currently facing the law.

Dr. Hassan further stressed that anyone who would be arrested shall be taken to the courts of law depending on how long the person has been conducting the business.

The Ministerial order also restricts the exportation of waste and scrap of ferrous cast iron across the country.

The order further directed all Trade Officers deployed at the various check points, security organs and anti-smuggling units and the Ministry of Interior to make sure that the order was implemented.

This is not the first time similar orders were made. Last year the Minister of Environment and Forestry Josphine Napon issued similar orders banning the exportation of charcoal out of the country.

But the charcoal business continued. Hassan said the order was extended to government institutions for effective implementation.


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