A foot for thought

Trade agreement with Sudanese business people is development

Anna Nimiriano Editor In Chief Juba Monitor

The agreement between Sudan and South Sudan governments for renewing trade was a positive move for the New Year 2021 programme. The First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar presented the matter on behalf of South Sudan government with confidence that the agreement is going to be successful for this year. It was not the first time the trade agreement has been negotiated between the two countries and wasn’t materialized in those years.

I hope this time it would be the real agreement as the policy of the new government in Sudan.  Otherwise, with old administration of the government during the time of President Omer Hassan Al Bashir the agreement was not stable. Sudan should be one of the countries that could support South Sudan in anything since we have been the united country.

However, we are still remembering the good relationships we have with them. I hope the government of South Sudan will continue maintaining the relationship and demand for our properties in the near future.  The issue of infrastructures, like roads and bridges need to be constructed. Secondly the matters of security in the states need to be improved so that when traders bring goods they should not sale them in Juba only but others should be taken to the states. In this case the security is very important on the roads and in the states. Thus, people of the states should cooperate with businesspeople by providing them spaces for running business. It is not only Sudanese traders but all foreigners who came to the country for business; we need to take care of them. And they should cooperate with the local people in all parts of the country.

Good working environment is very important for business and even for any type of work. There have been many challenges traders faced, I hope New Year would be a year of peace and development for trade and other developmental projects.  What had happened has to be left behind and a new chapter should be opened with new minds of business oriented.

We need to be serious with an agreements made and follow them for implementation. It is easy to make agreements but it is not easy to implement them. Our disease is implementation; it was notice with several agreements made during the peace deal up to this moment. The more we can have business people, the prices of items will come down because there would be competitions among the traders regarding the quality and quantity of the goods. If traders from Sudan proved they have better and quality items, people would buy their products than other traders from the neighboring countries.

May God bless us all.

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