Tracks to Nimule border drops sharply

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

Business Community at Nimule border said the number of business tracks or vehicles have significantly dropped due to lockdown on covid-19 and high rate of dollar exchange.

According to the business community, many traders have closed their shops as inflation increases in the country.

The chairman of the business community in Nimule Mr. Michael Abuni confirms that the vehicles are coming but not as it was.

 “These days, the trucks are still coming but not like the previous period because in the past there were many traders who could go to Kampala and purchase goods from there and return, and those ones also coming from Mombasa, I think there is a very big difference”, says Michael.

Abuni further said the travel restrictions due to covid-19 and the dollar crisis are the major causes that contributed to business downfall as citizens now resort to food items leaving the non-food items unaffordable.

“The only problem is the covid-19, it is the major contributor because people are restricted from movement, and number two from our side here is inflation because most of the shops are closing  and some have closed down already because the items you sell today, tomorrow will be lost because there is price fluctuation from time to time and it is undeterminable so this two factors are the major cause”, Michael explains.

“It affects drastically because when never few goods entered here they have high prices and as you know most of our people are depending on salary and the salary is steady, there is no increment in the salary so there is a very big gap, so most of the goods are not sold because people are unable to purchase only resort to consumable goods”, he narrated.

Michael said that the East African countries should lift up the border restriction between the member states for business to operate smoothly.

Nimule border the most busiest route entering South Sudan from East Africa according to officials now registers 100-120 vehicles in a day as compared to the previous where it used to register 200 plus in a day.

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