Tough times don’t last forever

By: Ngor Khot Garang

There will come a time in your life where you may involuntarily cry and feel like your world is ripping apart. Those days when you struggle with nobody by your side, those hard days when your spouse leave you for no apparent reason for another person  and the days you want to give up on life and not to face the worldly battles  again.

These are the days that define you, build you and make you a better person. Don’t ever give up or settle for something less than what you are worth for. Challenges though they are hard to deal with comes to make you strong but that is when you make a decision to work hard irrespective of your gender.  Gender makes no difference in the journey to success. A male or a female deserve a good life and no one is greater than the other except when one accepts to be below the other.

Chances are, you are not going to be lucky and your husband, wife, dad and mum can’t do anything to make you succeed in your life.  Hard work has the right key to unlock that. If you work hard and refused to be push down by every obstacle, then you will eventually emerge victorious.

Thomas Jefferson,  America’s third president and also  one of the brains behind the United States of America who happened to be one of the most celebrated  successful leaders of his time once said ‘ I’m a staunch believer of luck,  and the harder I work the more luck I seem to have “.

This statement from a man who like you  has also experienced setbacks to the extent that he almost gave up do not only  encourage us to put in the hard work alone,  it also gives us a reason to believe that we can be guaranteed a breakthrough from those difficult times that we are going through.

Life teaches us and we have to learn directly from it because those tough times will soon fade away and they are going to be replaced with an everlasting joy and happiness.

It doesn’t matter how hard the load that you carry is, it also doesn’t matter how many times you have cried out to God or anyone for help and nothing changed.  You have to work hard for your tomorrow and clear the dust that makes your future bleak.

Don’t quit, I know that giving up is a human nature brought about by fear and the hardship that surround your life.  Some people gives up because they see nothing ahead of them while others are told by others  that they are nothing in life and that their situation would never change then they without question accept it is true and gave up on life.

If you have been told by someone that you are a nobody or if you don’t see anything ahead of you because of the situation at hand or the kind of family you are in, you have to be assured that you have every good reason to live the life you want and a brighter future awaits you.

You must remain resolute and keep going inspite of what you are going through because at the end of pain is success.  Know what it is that hold you back, maybe a toxic relationship, self-doubt, depression or a fear of what your future would look like.  Whatever it is, identify it and deal with it completely.

Next, let go of relationships and situations that are out of your control. Don’t try to force because if you do that you are only hurting yourself even more. You have to know what it is that you want out of life.  It is not a hidden truth that we all want something in life. What is yours? What is it that let you spend sleepless nights? What is it that challenges you to sit in class for hours even when you have nothing in your stomach and make you to stay at school for years without thinking of home?

There is something that you were created for and this is the right time to discover it and make it a reality.  It doesn’t matter long it takes, you have to be prepared for that thing you want to achieve in life.

In the early 1920s when a Washington Post journalist asked the inventor of the lightbulb Thomas Edison how it felt to fail 1000 times in his attempt to invent the lightbulb.  He replied: “I didn’t fail 1000 times.  The incandescent lightbulb was an invention with a 1000 steps “.

That is the heart made out of stone and a desire to never give up when failing.  When we see our surrounding and our present situation, many things are there to stop us from moving forward.  It could be sickness, rejection/disappointment by the people that we value the most, financial constraints and abject poverty.  Such a thing are inevitable and they are always going to pull us behind in every attempt to succeed but the way that we will react to them will make us fail or succeed in life.

Work hard and change your tomorrow and when everything seems to go against you, remember that an airplane takes off against the wind and not with itself, so it is with life. You are going to meet challenge one after the other and the only way forward is to only recondition yourself and resist.

The writer is a high school student. He can be reached via Email: ngorjacob7@gmail.com or Tell: 0925405723

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