Total dependency from others is unworthy

By: Joseph Akim Gordon

It is said that God helps those who can help themselves, in a situation that a person is in good health; sound mind should not be totally dependent on continuous support from others. They must maintain their livelihood through hard work. The holy Bible makes it very clearly that people who are lazy and idle should not receive support from others in doing that the continuous support to lazy people will kill any local initiative.

It is worth to note that a giver can receive more blessings than those who receive. It said that lazy and idle people should not be allowed to eat free food but must learn to earn their living by working. But with the exception of the sick, disabled or mentally sick that are not able to earn a living by hard work, this is a category that deserve sympathy from their condition, this is a category that we are obliged by our Christian faith to support. Act of charity is an obligation in support of the needy, to help them live a decent life, because through giving we can receive more from God. It is absolutely necessary that we keep to our Christian obligation.

We also bear responsibility to advice lazy and idle people to change this negative characters to work for their wellbeing not to expect all the support from relatives or friends as a result we have noted that economically we have made very limited progress in socio-economic development, the total dependency has resulted to limited development as all the resources earned are all spent to feed the extended nuclear family members as such poverty has gained ground in us.

Our politicians must provide resources to the extended nuclear families and others to maintain the level of political support among his/her people, the little salary cannot feed 10-20 people in the house that explains why corruption is wide spread with impunity.

To those relatives who are working, they should also contribute for the house upkeep in this manner, the head of family will have breathing space, at the same time sending school children at basic level to study in urban areas where all the burden of school fees and other scholastic material can be too much for the head of the family to pay as he also has his own children who need support.

This extra burden can be minimized if the parents can meet school fees and other scholastic materials will help the head of family to manage this responsibility well.

To depend on relatives or the extended nuclear family is good for students who need support so that they complete their education.

However, it is a burden to keep a large number of dependent relatives. Large number of the dependents in house creates misunderstanding among the relatives because of limited resources in the house, to make it worse even relatives who are working cannot contribute for their livelihood with the current Government salary and high market prices caused extra problems to keep the family and extended family alive.

The head of the family will be obliged to seek money from any sources in support of the whole family. What will prevent head of family to borrow Government money to save the family? And once such borrowing accumulates to the extent that he has no means to pay back Government money that is how people are said to be corrupt.

Keeping a large number of relatives who are employed but do not contribute for the welfare of the extended family members contribute nothing for the wellbeing of the family.

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