Torrential rains disrupt construction of Juba-Yirol highway

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Heavy rains have disrupted construction of the Juba-Yirol highway, local authorities have said.

The compounding situation compelled the contractor to halt works over weekend.

Viato Wani Swaka, Commissioner of Ladu County confirmed the closure of the road on Saturday and Sunday.

He said the two local rivers; Khor Jamus on the Northern side and Southern side of Koda burst their banks and rendered the road impassable.

Commissioner Swaka said commuters were stranded for several hours following the closure of the road.

It halted movement of goods and people between Juba and Bahr Al Ghazal high way.

“Business people were stuck here and we found a big truck had been pushed down with all the goods and blocked the only space left for the rest of the vehicles,” said Swaka.

Francis Swaka, the Jubek State Minister of Physical Infrastructure confirmed that almost two hundred meters section of the road has been washed away by the raging waters.

“It is a big loss to the country and the state particularly in terms of revenue collection and also movement of goods and people, which have been affected,” he said.

He said the road needs some culverts to ease the flow of storm waters from the West to East.

“No any vehicle passing neither motorcycle, the northern part of Jebel Ladu is dead, there is no any traffic moving from Beni to Koda side and from Koda to the other northern side,” he said.

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