Torit state to establish anti-child abduction force

By Thomas Lodovico Oryem

Torit State said it was planning to establish ant-child abduction to curb the evil practicing of child abduction.

Addressing Torit State Transitional Legislative Assembly, Governor Tobiolo Alberio Oromo said on Monday that child abduction was very rampant in the state.

Oromo said within last month eight children had been abducted, one killed and three others injured in Torit West County.

He called on Torit West County to support government effort in protecting the children from the abductors.

“We have already set a plan to establish the anti-child abduction force and their work will be coordinating with Boma state to fight child abduction,” Mr. Oromo said.

He further said that apart from the economic hardship that affected the whole country, child abduction, irregular cash transfers from the national government to the state treasury were among the challenges facing the state.

Governor Oromo reiterated the establishment of anti-child abduction force was one of the strategies they have come up with to maintain peace and security in the area.

He stressed that they also planned to improve local revenue collections, but said the national government needs to improve on the cash transfers in order for them to address other developmental activities.

Torit state citizens have complained of insecurity due to the limited number of security personnel which they said has resulted to rampant child abduction.

Governor Oromo said the Ministry of Interior needs to recruit and train more police personnel in order to curb crimes in the state.


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